Recent Projects

Elegant and Contemporary Design

Sask Indian Gaming Authority

C3BI started with Teknion's Altos walls with glass fronts, then integrated the Expansion Desk line in the offices and Leverage panels and Navigate sit-stand tables in the workstations for a consistent aesthetic. Seating from several lines were used to compliment and contrast the design, and to encourage a healthy, ergonomic posture for employees.

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Modern and Professional Design

Prairie Centre Credit Union

C3BI began with Teknion's Altos, double-glazed, demountable wall fronts, along with Teknion Expansion Casegoods freestanding and height-adjustable desks, and Leverage workstations with Navigate height-adjustable desks. Humanscale ergonomic monitor arms, task lighting and seating were added to complete this modern and professional design.

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Clean Crisp Design

Wellington Altus

C3BI began by using Teknion’s glass storefront wall system Optos, and completed the spaces with Teknion's Thesis tables, Interpret benching system, Expansion and Ledger storage, Audience boardroom tables, and a wide range of seating from Teknion, Global, Rouilliard and Sit-On-It to complete this contemporary, relaxing space.

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Healthy Energetic Ergonomic Workspace

Saskatchewan Health Authority

C3BI used Teknion's Height-Adjustable desk lines along with the Leverage panel system, Expansion's personal storage, Humanscale's ergonomic monitor arms, and Sit-On-It's Wit task seating to create healthy, ergonomic work spaces. Teknion's Ledger filing and storage, Zones soft seating, and Safco wall mounted E-Z Sorters were used to complete the space.

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Fresh and Serene Office

WBM Technologies

C3BI used Teknion's TekVue, Altos, and TekPier integrated wall systems to create a fresh and open feel. Teknion's Expansion freestanding desking and Interpret 120° stations, with seating from Studio TK, Global, Rouilliard, and Teknion, as well as Humanscale's monitor arms, provided a space that mirrors regional norms while allowing for personal expression.

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Warm Welcoming Modern Space


C3BI integrated Teknion’s HiSpace height-adjustable desks, Expansion storage, Leverage panels and Humanscale's monitor arms to provide personalized work spaces. Private spaces mirrored this effect, using Teknion's Expansion, y-legs from Upstage, Zones modular benching, Spec's Tailgate table, and seating from Teknion, Global and Sit-On-It.

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Modern and Creative

Ascent Strategy

The use of Teknion’s Upstage furniture and Thesis double sided library tables in conjunction with Humanscale monitor arms and Sit-on-It task chairs were used to create an open collaborative office space. In addition, Global Contract’s Kadin boardroom table with KI’s stylish Doni chairs gives the boardroom a sleek modern look & feel.

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Innovative Community Space

Path Co-Work

The use of Teknion's Altos Architectural Wall System creates a bright division of space, and the ability to reconfigure. Offices were filled with Teknion's Expansion Casegoods, and Modular Cabinetry was used in place of traditional millwork. Humanscale's monitor arms, and Sit-On-It's Torsa seating were used to complete this innovative look.

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Brilliant and Inspiring Space

Brown Communications Group

Teknion’s Altos Architectural Wall System, designed with the combination of white laminate paneling and large expanses of back-painted glass, along with the use of Teknion's WRS (wall rail system), Expansion Spine Desks and Architectural Modular Cabinetry were used to create a bright modern look with a clean, crisp minimalistic design.

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Bright and Inviting Office

Thrive Wealth Management

Featuring Teknion’s Altos Architectural Walls, innovative Tek Pier, HiSpace tables and Expansion products for office and meeting spaces, Modular Cabinetry as an alternative to traditional millwork, and Sit-On-It Seating, with it’s wide range of fabric selection, C3BI was happy to help create this bright and inviting collaborative space!

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Professional and Sophisticated

Gerrand Rath Johnson Lawyers LLP

The innovative use of Teknion’s Altos Architectural Wall System with full glass fronts and black framing, and the creative combination of Teknion’s Expansion, District & Upstage lines, mingled with seating from Teknion, Humanscale and Sit-on-It, created a professional and sophisticated look in all areas of the office.

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