Reconfigurations and Refurbishments

Concept3 Business Interiors Ltd. offers a full line of modular furniture and storage solutions, and demountable wall systems specifically designed for their flexibility in redeployment and re-use in multiple reconfiguration designs.  In addition these solutions are specifically engineered to allow future refresh programs by swapping out a few key visual components at a fraction of the cost of your initial investment.  

Concept3 Business Interiors Ltd. particularly shine in this area as we have done hundreds of reconfiguration designs utilizing client’s current spaces and furniture assets to their maximum potential in order to create an environment with a new ambience while still being functional, productive, and affordable.  We are experts at adding and re-working existing layouts in order to meet the new and ever changing needs of our clients business.

Not only do we do redesign and reconfigurations for the furniture lines that we sell, but we are also well versed in numerous competitor lines and have the capacity to do reconfigurations with those clients looking for a new perspective.