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Case Study: Innovative Community Space

Path Co-Work

Path Cowork is a community at work that offers communal working space for freelancers, small businesses and innovative organizations. Path Cowork’s goal to foster collaboration and motivate people in Regina to think differently has come to light by creating a beautiful, collaborative space for themselves and for others to enjoy. It is a diverse place, where connections can be built, ideas can be born and personal development can be nurtured and encouraged in a work space that doesn’t feel like work at all.

Products Featured:

“Concept3 was a key partner in helping us create the diverse space we had envisioned. They worked well with trades, our general contractor and architect, to achieve our overall design objectives. With their expertise, we were able to create the look and feel we wanted in our new space. We are very pleased with the outcome – great use of our footprint, we love our new space!”

Matt Pinch, CFO,
Path Cowork

C3BI used Teknion’s Altos Architectural Wall System with full glass fronts to create a bright and diverse division of space by providing private offices, meeting spaces and touchdown privacy booths to meet the varied requirements of the users of the space. In addition, Teknion’s Altos Architectural Wall System provides the added advantage of reconfigurability to easily adapt the space to meet future needs based on the requirements of the tenants it holds. The selection of black framing on the Altos Architectural Wall System contributed the final touch of a modern industrial aesthetic.

C3BI furnished the private desks and offices with Teknion’s Expansion Casegood line using a combination of white and 2 tone color pallet to achieve a modern look that is not only functional but professional and inviting. C3BI continued this modern look by using Teknion’s Architectural Modular Cabinetry as an alternative to traditional millwork in the EDR (Economic Development Regina) space in order to carry the modern color pallet and feel throughout the space.

C3BI put final touches on the space by using Humanscale’s MFlex single, dual and triple monitor arms in a white and polished aluminum finish and Sit-on-It’s award winning ergonomic Torsa task chairs to provide a seamless integration into the modern aesthetic of the space while providing an ergonomic environment for the users.

C3BI is proud to have been a part of this innovative project and congratulate Path Cowork on their beautiful new innovative community space!