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Case Study: Bright Space with Energetic Vibe

Northern Strands Group of Companies

The Northern Strands Group of Companies (NSGC) offers a comprehensive solution for mining, construction, engineering, agriculture, safety, equipment, and supply requirements. Comprised of three companies – Northern Strands, Fortis Mining Engineering Manufacturing, and Certified Sales and Rentals – and encompassing twelve distinct divisions, NSGC aims to be the only call a customer needs to make. Three Companies: ONE Solution.

In 2021, NSGC started the planning process to amalgamate all three companies into one unified location and collaborated with Concept3 Business Interiors Ltd., one of the key partners in the project. The relocation was successfully executed, reaching completion in 2023.

Products Featured:

"Our Group of Companies has evolved over the years and will continue to evolve. Our office space requirements today differ vastly from two years ago and will undoubtedly change again in the coming years. We needed flexible solutions capable of keeping up with our dynamic growth. Our existing relationship with Concept3 was a natural starting point for our major project. From conceptualization and design to seamless setup and installation, Concept3 meticulously addressed all our requests. Concept3 is a top-notch professional team with a dedication to providing customers with what they want and need. The results speak volumes—exceptional modular walls and furniture that not only serve their function but also look great! Thank you to the entire team at Concept3!"

Courtney Clarke
Business Coordinator

The completion of NSGC’s new building project is a true testament to the power of collaboration between C3BI and NSGC exemplifying the perfect approach to any new build. The project began with a client tour of Teknion's showroom in Toronto and C3BI’s local showroom in Saskatoon, SK. where NSGC was able to see, not only the full berth of Teknion’s product lines, but also explore C3BI’s other vendor solutions in an interactive way to get a better sense of what would work best for them in their new space. C3BI's expertise in furniture selection and integration, along with their knowledge of innovative solutions for layout and aesthetic was key in the process of selecting products to match NSGC’s final vision of a bright and energetic space.

Teknion products were a large part of the inspiration for this project with their diverse range of modern and innovative architectural and office furniture solutions that not only offer quality and value, but functionality, style, and customization for any modern workspace. The use of Teknion’s Altos demountable wall system with double-glazed glass office fronts allowed for seamless light flow and was complemented by crisp grey demising walls. The integrated magnetic back-painted glass writing boards and tack boards with the same fabrics as the seating within the walls created a bright and professional atmosphere, in line with the desired aesthetic for the space. Function and design were carefully balanced with additions from Teknion’s wide berth of office solutions including Navigate height adjustable desks, Leverage system workstations, Expansion desks, tables and storage, District lockers, Ledger filing, and Teknion’s ever popular modular lounge seating lines, among others. Further enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality, a selection of premium office furniture solutions were added to the design to complement the Teknion products chosen, including Studio TK’s iconic Jima executive boardroom chairs, Gus Modern’s stylish and comfortable lounge furniture, award winning task and guest chairs from Sit-on-It Seating, ergonomic keyboard trays and monitor arms from Humanscale, and industrial open style storage shelving from Global Upholstery. The planned addition of Elite Blinds throughout the entire building served as the finishing touch both enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space. The transformed space is not only an inspiring and inviting environment, but one that enhances productivity, promotes collaboration, and prioritizes employee comfort with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

C3BI was able to showcase their expertise in designing and implementing modern workspaces in the NSGC new building project and is very proud of the work that was done to make it a success. The close collaboration between NSGC and C3BI throughout the entire process resulted in a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The bright, energetic vibe of the space combined with the warmth of natural wood tones and sharp black accents make it a welcoming and professional environment. C3BI takes immense pride in the successful completion of this project and extends gratitude to NSGC for placing their trust in them. C3BI wholeheartedly wishes NSGC nothing but prosperity and success in their new space!