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Teknion's "Platinum Dealer Award" (2023, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017)

C3BI has achieved Teknion’s prestigious Platinum Dealer Award for 6 out of our 7 years. We are proud to be the only dealer in Teknion's history to earn this distinction for 5 consecutive years. Earning the Platinum Dealer Award is considered an elite achievement within our manufacturing partner’s Dealer distribution network and is accomplished by exhibiting excellence in customer service, establishing a strong alignment with Teknion, demonstrating integrity in business and growing our collective market share.

Platinum dealers have adopted best business practices in their dealership and have invested in resources that support the business needs of their organization and that provide exceptional value to their customers. They are committed to continuous improvement, demonstrating the ability to grow, align and adapt their business to meet changing needs.

Our entire Team at C3BI believe that our ongoing efforts to achieve and maintain the Platinum Dealer status demonstrates our commitment to delivering a best-in-class customer experience in every project we have the good fortune to be involved in.



Teknion “BIG Impact Award” for Western Canada (2021, 2018)

This is a prestigious award that is given to the Teknion dealer who has had the “biggest impact” on their respective market with Teknion products.

We are extremely proud of this award and would like to sincerely thank all our clients for their continued support, our amazing staff for their commitment and hard work, and Teknion for their contribution to our continued success.

Saskatchewan's Top Employer (2022)

This special designation recognizes the Saskatchewan employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work.



Teknion's "Orion Award" (2020)

This is the most prestigious award at Teknion and is given to the dealer than exemplifies the highest degree of excellence in all aspects of their business. This includes best practices, investments, the strength and professionalism of their sales force, their alignment with the Teknion brand and values. This is not just a reflection on how Teknion measures the dealership, it’s also a reflection on how their employees, partners and customers measure them. This is a testament to their success, and legacy as an outstanding partner to the people and customers they interact with. One award is given to one dealer in the US and one Dealer in Canada every 2 years.


2020 Design Contest (June 2020)

Jen won, for the third year in a row, in the Flexible Spaces category with this incredble rendering.

"Jennifer went above and beyond with this rendering. The interior shows a nice balance of space and color, while giving a hint of the city from the top floor."

— Vanessa DeKoekkoek, 2020 Technologies

2020 Design Contest (June 2020)

Dave won in the Collaborative Spaces category with this recreation of "The Office" office.

“Who doesn’t love The Office? This office design represents a true office space in all its glory. Dave paid attention to all the little details.”

— Carla Melara, 2020 Technologies



2020 Design Contest (June 2019)

Jen won, for the second straight year, in the Flexible Spaces category with this beaufiful space.

“The colors and patterns really pop in this space. Jennifer’s attention to detail is what truly makes this space flexible.”

— Chad Bulthuis, 2020 Technologies

2020 Design Contest (June 2018)

Jen won in the Flexible Spaces category with this creative design.

“The colors and tones of the design make the space feel open and welcoming. It was interesting to see that she divided up the spaces into so many functional areas, including a kitchen and break area.”

— Denise McKinley, 2020 Technologies