About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2016, Concept3 Business Interiors Ltd. was born out of a changing business landscape and the need for a local furniture dealership that was committed to helping companies and institutions optimize work environments, inspire high levels of performance and enable optimal business results. Since inception, C3BI has grown to become the preeminent, full service interiors' specialists in the Saskatchewan marketplace and we are proud to be the only authorized Teknion dealer serving our Province. Additionally, we are very proud to serve the Educational market throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Many of our employees have been in the industry representing Teknion for over 30 years, our “new” Team brings nearly 500 years of industry experience inspiring the confidence of our clients that C3BI can, and will, exceed their expectations. We pride ourselves on an incredible client retention rate as well as a commitment to ongoing training. Our service staff is comprised of extremely dependable, factory trained and professional individuals that continue to reinforce the positive experience our clients have of working with C3BI. It is with pride that we deliver to all of our clients the knowledge, flexibility, expertise and professionalism of our entire company.

Our customers range from small startup companies to large corporations and institutions with a wide range of projects from a few workstations to entire office towers. Our staff utilizes the latest technology to accommodate client needs in hours rather than days or weeks. Planning, specifications, ordering and tracking orders are managed in a way that ensures speed and accuracy.

Our Mission: "Do The Right Thing"

Our mission is simple and provides guidance to everything we do, it empowers each individual in our organization to “do the right thing”. Regardless of the circumstance, if you can answer “yes” to the question, “is this the right decision for me, my customers, my fellow team members, my company shareholders, my vendor partners and my community, then we are always “doing the right thing”.

Our Goal:

At C3BI, our goal is to create for our clients, comfortable, efficient and well-designed workspaces allowing individuals to prosper in their working environment. We acknowledge that times and trends are constantly changing and so have many components of workspace functions and culture. Our goal is to help our clients’ integrate these changes into your work place while providing financially and environmentally sustainable spaces while supporting advanced technologies. We are not just creating office spaces, we are creating an improved work place lifestyle that will directly increase productivity, allow for collaboration, and evolve with the function of every space.